Our Products

AI Motion provides a youth sports education and management platform powered by artificial intelligence, big data analysis and motion capture technology. Our products monitor, record and analyze students’ sports and health data, further provide insight reports for schools, coaches, and parents. AIMS digitizes the youth sports performance to improve efficiency in sports training, management.

Motion Sensors
Use wristband with wearable MEMS sensor to capture motion data from the students. Apply cloud-based AI algorithms and machine learning to analyze movement.
Smart Campus
Management Platform
Improve training and management efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating PE classes and home exercises.
In-/After- Class
Teaching Platform
Adopt machine learning to compare motions in practice with professional benchmark motions.
Send real-time notice and provide data-based management reports to coach.
Communication Platform
Update real-time exercise performance, daily movement index and generate lifestyle report to parents.


Management Platform · Smart Campus System
Multi-system simultaneous recording of school-wide sports data
- Multi-system sports education management platform
- Bridge parents and school through efficient interaction system
- Explore the new era of Smart Campus in sports, supported by national policy
iPad & Tablet

Coaches & PE teachers

New Coaching Methods, Guidance and Feedback
Revolutionary Data-driven Sports Education Assistant
- Efficient and effective management
- Insight report for sports performance and improvement tracking
- AI coach: customized individual sports plan
- Injury prevention: low accuracy warning
Smart Band

Players & Students

Comfort · Convenience · Safety
Unleash kids’ Creativity
- Multiple sports supported: multi-dimensional personal sports development database
- Minimum size with latest MEMS sensor: mini but powerful
- Medical level material for wristband: friendly to sensitive skin
App & Mini Program


From amateurs to the athletic experts
Kids’ growth Tracker
- Physical & daily health report
- Performance recording & tracking with real-time and historical Data
- Professional Nutrition Advice designed for parents

We AIM to digitize and revolutionize the Youth Sports Education in China.

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